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Networking through the world.

I'm a young public relations professional. The fast-paced nature is exhilarating. Throughout my short career, I have been able to broaden my knowledge on a myriad of industries which has afforded me several opportunities to continue on such a path. Taking projects to the next level and bringing the work to its greatest potential is an enjoyable task for me. I am intrigued by problem-solving and bringing complex ideas to its most simple form for the outside world to understand. Their is strength in numbers but working alone and having time for self development is a joy of mine. I cannot wait to see what my future holds!

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Hey, thanks!

Graduating from Mizzou c/o 2014.

Winners at Golin Harris for McDonald's pitch.

On the set of CSNChicago prior to show time.

Volunteering at the 2016

Heart to Heart Gala.

Tapping into my artistic side.

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